Ari is a perpetually overworked left fielder on the Willow Grove baseball team.[1] They spent a good portion of the life in the Phillippines and have lived in poverty before.[2]

Ari, like most Eerie Crests characters, was originally developed for the story Phoebus and Andromede, where Phoebus Kells was a boy scientist and Ari was his android companion, Andromede.[3]

Physical Attributes Edit

Ari has brown skin, brown hair, black eyes and stands at 5'6.[4][1] They sometimes wear binders, but not all the time.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • It's been a while, so they're not completely fluent in Filipino anymore.[2]
  • They like to wear light-up sneakers to PE.[2]
  • Their dad has custody of them, which is why they moved to the US, but they miss their mom a lot and call her every chance they get.[2]
  • Out of the entire Eerie Crests cast, they're one of the most "street smart."[5]
  • They love manta rays, ice cream and cotton candy.[6]

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