Blake is a first baseman on the Willow Grove baseball team and not nearly as sweet and put-together as this picture in this page would have you believe.[1] He's a very resentful, angry person dealing with a lot of stuff on his own. He's hurt a lot of people in the past, but he's trying to change and unlearn toxic and abusive behaviors.[2]

Physical Attributes Edit

Blake is 6'1" and has brown eyes with flecks of gray in them.[3] He has light brown skin.

Personality Edit

Blake is, frankly, pretty mean. He says a lot of cruel things (particularly towards Dallas) and he's got a lot of anger inside of him. He's very paranoid that people will like his older brother more than him and has a very fragile superiority complex. It's been confirmed that due to his standoffishness and refusal to accept help, his bipolar disorder has gone undiagnosed.[4] However, as stated above, he's trying to change.[2]

Blake is a Disaster Gay and is historically terrible at relationships. He's got a bad habit of pushing away people who care about him.[5][6]

Trivia Edit

  • Have I mentioned yet that he's gay?[7]
  • Fluent in Spanish and Homosexual Tendencies.[7]

References Edit

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