Dallas Ezra Margolin is a pitcher on the Willow Grove High School baseball team and the protagonist of Eerie Crests.[1] Dallas is currently searching for his best friend, Malek Solh, who recently went missing in the woods during a camping trip. He sees visions of something supernatural and refuses to believe that Malek is dead.[2] He's also Jewish, transgender and bisexual.[3][4][5] Dallas has dyscalculia, which makes it very difficult for him to do math.[6]

Physical Attributes Edit

Dallas is 5 foot and 11 and a half inches tall.[7] His eyes are brown with flecks of gray.[8] Dallas is a natural redhead, but his hair is currently dyed green.[9] It was originally a bright blue color but has since faded without Malek there to help him re-dye it.[10] He also loves to wear really dumb indie music sweaters.

The creator of Eerie Crests has explicitly stated that Dallas is average looking, but I'm choosing to ignore that.[11] Dallas is hot as hell.

Relationships Edit

Malek Solh Edit

Malek is one of Dallas' best friends and his mutual crush. Right before Malek went missing during a camping trip in the forest, he and Dallas got into an argument about Malek going away for college.[12] Dallas is now desperately searching for him and refusing to believe that he's really gone.[2]

Poppy Rajkhowa Edit

Dallas' other best friend. She was on the fateful camping trip during which Malek went missing and has been a great source of support for Dallas in the days following. They're both hurting a lot right now and they need each other.

Josie Margolin Edit

Josie is Dallas' mom. She's very supportive of her son in every way- whether it's sports, gender, or mental illness, she's always there for him.

Abraham Margolin Edit

Dallas' dad, who is dead. Abe picked out Dallas' Hebrew/middle name, Ezra and was supportive of him when Dallas came out. Unfortunately, Abe's death left Dallas with a lot of abandonment issues and nightmares, which kind of taint the memories of their relationship.

Hazel Margolin Edit

Dallas' little sister, who he loves very much. The feeling is mutual.

Trivia Edit

  • Dallas attempted to commit suicide prior to the events of Eerie Crests, but was stopped by Malek.
  • He's very shy about his art, but he likes to draw his friends, cats, nature, etc.

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