His full name is Jonas Nathaniel Parker, but everyone just calls him Parker. He's technically a pinch runner and catcher, but he's pretty much always on the bench.[1] Originally from Manhatten, he's an introvert who lives with his grandmother and just wants high school to be over with.[2]

Background Edit

Parker grew up in an abusive home in New York, but he now lives on a honey farm with his nonna. He's of Irish and Italian descent. Parker likes beekeeping, dippin' dots, the color yellow and baseball cards.[3] His parents want him to go to law school, but he'd prefer to study something agriculture-related.[4] He also has Asperger's syndrome.[5]

Physical Attributes Edit

Parker has blonde hair, gray eyes and is 6'2, but he'd be taller if he didn't have scoliosis.[2][6][7] His scoliosis also means that he has to wear a back brace for life.[3] He also has a lovely smile.

Personality Edit

Parker's a very quiet but loving kid who just wants to be friends with the rest of the team. He'd probably be super popular if he wasn't such an introvert.[2] He's considered the most book-smart of the whole team, even more so than Malek, the valedictorian.[8] He tends to stammer a lot and become hyperfixated on stuff like Jurassic Park and Parks and Recreation.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite subject is geography.[2]
  • He's allergic to pretty much everything but wasps and bees.[9]
  • Parker's family farm also produces lemons.[3]
  • His favorite type of cereal is cornflakes.[10]
  • He makes weird looking scarecrows.[10]
  • He has a crush on Poppy, like everyone else in the world who isn't Dallas or Malek.[11][12]
  • His room is covered in posters of Jurassic Park, Weezer, and Simple Plan.[12]
  • He's friends with Tyler.[13]

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