Malek Solh is a catcher on the Willow Grove baseball team.[1] He recently went missing during a camping trip with his friends and has been presumed dead by authorities.[2] He's best friends with Dallas Margolin and Poppy Rajkhowa.

Physical Attributes Edit

Malek stands at 6 foot 3 inches. [3] He has green eyes.[4] He has short brown hair and wears black gauges that stretch his ear lobes.[5]

Personality Edit

Malek is intelligent, charming, and very affable. He is well liked and popular at school.

History Edit

Malek's parents are both from Lebanon, but they went missing when he was young so he and his sisters were mainly raised by their Aunt Nadia.[6] He's Sunni Muslim.[7] Malek's younger sister is named Safiyah and his older sister is named Yasmin.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • In addition to guitar, Malek also plays piano and a bit of ukulele.[9]
  • He's trilingual.[6]
  • His mum always used to make apple pie with him and his sisters each morning which became a trigger for him following their disappearance.
  • He is a heavy smoker, much to Dallas's disapproval
  • He's the valedictorian.[10]

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